Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review: Unraveling the Best Android SmartWatch in 2023

I decided on the Galaxy Watch 5. I love the watch but hate the band. I am not reviewing the band, but it does seem like if they offer you a classy-looking watch, they could offer something other than the plastic bands. The setup is extremely easy with the app downloaded on the phone. I have a Samsung phone, which may have made it easier, The sapphire crystal glass and the GPS tracking make it perfect for my outdoor activity. The auto workout tracking is a time-saver, automatically detecting various activities, including my HIIT workouts.

Laura Martin (United States)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has garnered significant attention as the company’s second attempt at a Wear OS 3 smart watch. Samsung has built a reputation for delivering top-notch Android smart watches, and the Galaxy Watch 5 is no exception. With its array of features and functionalities, it stands as a formidable competitor in the market. In this in-depth review, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the Galaxy Watch 5, exploring its design, performance, health features, and more. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what sets this smart watch apart and why it deserves consideration as the best Android smart watch in the market.

A Familiar Design with Enhanced Durability

With a sleek and simple design that seamlessly matches any style, the Galaxy Watch 5 upholds the sophisticated aesthetics of its forerunner. The watch’s aluminum body, which comes in sizes 40mm and 44mm, emanates refinement. The 40mm version of the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi variant starts at an alluring $229.99, while the LTE version starts at $279.99. The bigger and smaller editions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 have distinct hues, sapphire (blue) and pink-gold, respectively. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is available in graphite (black) or silver casings.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5

The durability of the Galaxy Watch 5 has been significantly enhanced. The sapphire crystal glass that Samsung has added to the display’s protection makes it 1.6 times more robust and 60% stronger than the previous generation. For individuals who lead busy lifestyles, this update assures higher scratch resistance and offers piece of mind.

The watch also keeps its IP68 and 5ATM classifications from its predecessor, making it dust, mud, and sand resistant and waterproof for 10 minutes at a depth of 164 feet. It furthermore satisfies the MIL-STD-810H standard, which ensures its survivability in harsh environmental conditions including vibration and shock as well as extremely high temperatures.

An Immersive AMOLED Display

The Galaxy Watch 5 is distinguished by its stunning and very brilliant AMOLED display. The display, which comes in 40mm and 44mm diameters, has resolutions of 396×396 and 450×450 pixels, respectively. Even the smallest word is accessible because to the vivid colors and clarity. Regardless of whether you choose the smaller or larger model, the watch’s user-friendly interface will be accessible to you on a sizable screen.

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Use

The Galaxy Watch 5’s battery life is undoubtedly impressive, providing up to 50 hours on a single charge, a notable improvement over its predecessor. With the always-on display feature enabled, the watch still manages to last around 30 hours, which is six hours longer than the Galaxy Watch 4. Samsung has also introduced 30% faster charging for the Watch 5, ensuring that you spend less time tethered to a charger. For even more extended battery life, the Watch 5 Pro model is equipped with a substantial 590mAh battery, lasting up to 80 hours on a single charge (or 20 hours with GPS enabled).

The Power of Wear OS and Seamless Connectivity

Running on Wear OS, the Galaxy Watch 5 offers seamless integration with all the standard Google apps, providing users with a familiar and user-friendly experience. Paired with Android devices running Android 8.0 (or newer) with more than 1.5GB RAM, the Galaxy Watch 5 ensures smooth performance and effortless communication with your smartphone. While the watch can be paired with non-Samsung Android phones, certain features, like electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements, work exclusively with Samsung handsets.

Accessibility Features and User Experience Enhancements

The Galaxy Watch 5’s accessibility features have been improved by Samsung to better serve consumers with various needs. A number of visible improvements are included in the upgraded One UI Watch 4.5, including as high-contrast typefaces, color filters, and the option to change tap length. Users who are visually impaired will particularly benefit from these features. Furthermore, Samsung has improved keyboard inputs like dictation and handwriting recognition to make typing on the wristwatch more convenient.

Touch Bezel and User Interaction

Samsung’s touch bezel has been a hallmark of its smartwatches, providing an intuitive and tactile navigation experience. However, with the Galaxy Watch 5, the touch bezel has been somewhat finicky, leading to occasional difficulties in navigation. Wear OS 3’s interface enables easy navigation with directional swipes alone, and the touch bezel’s effectiveness is now less critical. Samsung’s decision to retain the physical rotating bezel on the Watch 4 Classic raises questions about its pricing strategy, as the Watch 5 offers more advanced features at a similar price point.

Your Ultimate Health and Wellness Companion

As a fitness and wellness companion, the Galaxy Watch 5 excels with its array of health-tracking features. It monitors and tracks various metrics such as active time, blood oxygen saturation, calories burned, exercise, heart rate, stress level, sleep patterns, steps, and even snoring. New to the Watch 5 is an infrared temperature sensor, allowing for skin temperature tracking. Combined with the enhanced BioActive Sensor, the watch now delivers more accurate body composition, SpO2, and electrocardiogram measurements.

Sleep Tracking and Coaching

Any contemporary smartwatch must be capable of tracking sleep, and the Galaxy Watch 5 excels in this regard. The watch showed excellent accuracy after recording sleep phases and overall sleep duration for a week. The sleep score system, which occasionally gave lower ratings while fulfilling sleep goals, caused some confusion for us. Users may notice differences in sleep ratings when compared to other wearables, despite the sleep coaching feature’s best efforts to improve sleep patterns.

Optimizing Your Fitness Regimen

With over 90 activity options, the Galaxy Watch 5 ensures you’re never limited in your fitness endeavors. Whether you’re into running, swimming, cycling, or specialized activities like aqua aerobics or kayaking, this watch has you covered. Notably, the Watch 5 boasts an automatic workout detection feature, recognizing activities like walking, running, elliptical, rowing, swimming, and dynamic high-movement activities, and tracking them with precision. The included guided breathing tool aids in stress relief, complementing the watch’s comprehensive stress-tracking capabilities.

The Missed Opportunities

Despite its many virtues, the Galaxy Watch 5 isn’t entirely without shortcomings. For instance, the skin temperature sensor was not ready for use at launch, making it unavailable for half a year after the smartwatch’s release. Furthermore, while the 44mm model boasts impressive battery life, the 40mm version struggles to match its larger counterpart, offering less endurance on a single charge.

Is the Galaxy Watch 5 Worth Upgrading?

For existing Galaxy Watch 4 users, the Galaxy Watch 5’s incremental updates may not warrant an immediate upgrade. However, for those with older Samsung smartwatches or users who value interoperability with non-Samsung phones, the Galaxy Watch 5 presents a compelling option. The future introduction of the Google Pixel Watch and other Wear OS 3 devices adds more choices for Android users. Prospective buyers should consider their preferences and the upcoming releases before making a decision.

Our Verdict:

Attractive smartwatch experience is provided by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 thanks to its affordable pricing, sleek design, and outstanding functionality. Performance, display quality, and compatibility with Android devices are its strong points. It does have a few small limitations, though, such a display that is constantly on and fewer outdoor-specific capabilities. Overall, tech aficionados, users of Android smartphones, and fitness fanatics should strongly consider the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Who It’s For?

The Galaxy Watch 5 is perfect for health-conscious individuals who want an all-in-one smartwatch to track their sleep, fitness, and overall well-being. It’s also ideal for Samsung Galaxy users who seek seamless integration with their other Galaxy devices.

If you’re heavily reliant on a specific app ecosystem not available on the Galaxy Watch 5, or if you prefer a more diverse range of third-party apps, this smartwatch might not be the best fit for you.

Alternatives options:

If you’re considering the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 but want to explore some alternatives, there are a few other options to consider. Here are a couple of smartwatches that offer different features and functionalities:

Where To Buy: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5?


Price History



Is the Galaxy Watch 5 compatible with non-Samsung smartphones?

A: Yes, the Galaxy Watch 5 can be paired with both Android and iOS devices, although some features may be limited on iOS.

Does the Galaxy Watch 5 support third-party apps?*

While the Galaxy Watch 5 does have an app store, the selection is more limited compared to other smartwatch platforms.

Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 be used with iPhones?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is compatible with iPhones, but some features may be limited compared to using it with an Android smartphone.

What is the LTE Connectivity feature on the Galaxy Watch 5?

The LTE Connectivity feature allows the Galaxy Watch 5 to function independently without needing to be connected to a phone or Wi-Fi.
You can make or take calls, send texts, and access your music playlist directly from the watch.

9 Total Score
Final Verdict:

If you want a Smart Watch that goes beyond basic notifications and truly assists in your health and fitness journey, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a worthwhile investment.

  • Competitive price
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Not as locked into Samsung's ecosystem
  • Stronger, scratch-resistant screen
  • Lightweight titanium casing
  • Sapphire glass AMOLED display
  • Large enough battery for most users
  • Latest version of Wear OS with future software updates
  • Lacks outdoor-specific features of Pro model
  • Upgrades are minor
  • Limited, manual GPX process
  • Proprietary magnetic charging disc might not be compatible with other devices.
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