Sonos One Review: Reinventing Smart Speakers with Powerful Audio Performance

The Sonos One: Two Room Set With One greatly enhanced my at-home experience, filling my apartment with rich, immersive sound. From jazz in the mornings to house music at night, this system handled a wide range of music genres flawlessly. Moreover, it blocked out external noises, and the Voice Control was a game-changer for convenience. It made my space more personal and vibrant.

In this frenetically advancing technological epoch, every tick of the clock brings forth a fresh surge of innovation. With this ceaseless progress, comes the thirst for an uncomplicated marriage of functions – versatility at its peak. As we sashay into a future adorned by the sophistication of AI and the cleverness of smart homes, one star shines brighter in the constellation of possibilities – the multifarious marvel that is the Sonos One.

Making its initial appearance paired with Amazon Alexa, it has since gracefully adapted to include Google Assistant under its compatibility umbrella, a testament to its inherent flexibility. This chameleon-like ability to adapt sets a new benchmark in the realm of smart speakers. However, can it uphold its laudable credentials when we dare to look beneath the glossy exterior? Come, join us on a journey of exploration as we dissect the many layers of this intriguing device in the forthcoming review.

Price and Availability

The Sonos One, a newcomer that confidently stepped into the arena, keeping pace with titans like the Amazon Echo, stands firm with a price tag that invites competition. In a time when the financial commitment to smart home tech could make your wallet whimper, the Sonos One struts onto the stage, a wallet-friendly proposition for both connoisseurs of sound and fans of home automation.

Interestingly, 2023 witnessed Sonos unveiling the Era 100 – a descendant born from the ‘One’. This emergence could send a ripple effect through the pricing pond of the Sonos One. The possible price drop? That would potentially spin the Sonos One into an even more tempting whirl of a deal.

Sonos One 2

Design and Connectivity

Impossible to ignore is the unassuming sophistication of the Sonos One, its dimensions so compact it could perch unobtrusively on a bookshelf or nestle quietly on a nightstand. It steps boldly away from the constraints of intrusive design aesthetics. Replacing the tactile old-world charm of physical buttons is a slick, touch-sensitive interface, coaxing the user experience into a smoother, more fluid dance.

At your disposal, a kaleidoscope of hues – mysterious black, pristine white, fiery red, serene green, and playful yellow – wrapping around the Sonos One, adding an element of personal touch. Its aesthetic elements have been designed with subtlety in mind, for it to slip seamlessly into the tapestry of your dwelling space.

Connectivity-wise, the presence of an Ethernet port to facilitate a hardwired connection, along with the conspicuous absence of auxiliary inputs, is a clear nod to Sonos’ allegiance to simplicity. The speaker comes armed with a six-pronged microphone arrangement, bristling with echo-cancellation capabilities, ensuring your voice, your commands, rise above the symphony of sounds, rather than being submerged within.

Smart Features

Incontestably, the true allure of the Sonos One lies in its brainy capabilities. Its dexterity in flitting between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is a glowing tribute to the device’s malleability. The setup process is as easy as pie and its integration with other devices is smoother than silk. Users can manipulate lights, fix alarms, and of course, orchestrate musical performances, all with a simple voice command.

Adding further feathers to its cap is its compatibility with leading streaming titans such as Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and Amazon Music. It’s a hearty handshake of recognition and inclusion. Furthermore, the Sonos One takes a bow towards Apple enthusiasts by providing Apple AirPlay 2 support, sans the native Siri assistance.

A twist in the tale is the device’s ability to assign distinct voice assistants to individual Sonos One speakers. Some might dub it as overkill, yet, it serves to bridge the divide in households with varying preferences, making certain everyone feels their choices are respected, thereby, transforming a house into a home.

Audio Quality

In the realm of acoustics, the Sonos One positively glistens. Imbued with a pair of Class D amplifiers and a duo-driver setup, it cradles the spirit of its forebear, the Sonos Play:1. It’s simply breathtaking how such a petite device can belt out sounds that are not only thunderous but also resonate with quality.

It’s essential to note that the sound doesn’t just exist; it communes with you. The bass, most notably, plunges deep but not without maintaining a rein on control. The treble could do with a pinch more crispness, though its current state guarantees a lack of aural sharpness. If your ears crave a particular soundscape, the EQ stands ready for your bespoke adjustments.

Although the Apple HomePod may bask in superior auditory glory, the Sonos One puts up an awe-inspiring defense, more so when one takes into account the cost contrast. It’s worth adding a feather to the cap of the Sonos One for its ability to couple with another unit, giving birth to genuine stereo sound – an acoustic journey that’s nothing short of mesmerizing.


Ah, the Sonos One – a veritable beacon of what is possible when smart technology dances gracefully with raw functionality. Its svelte design is a feast for the eyes, while its audio performance titillates the ears. Weaving these together with its seamless smart features, the Sonos One tosses its hat into the smart speaker ring with a resounding thud.

Sure, it might not wear the crown in any particular domain, but wait! Consider this: Its appeal lies in the sum of its parts, like a well-cooked meal that doesn’t have one overpowering taste but mesmerizes with a blend of flavors.

So, here’s to the Sonos One – a jack-of-all-trades, master of harmony.

Sonos One: Who it’s for?

The Sonos One finds its groove with those who desire their smart speakers to hum with superior auditory prowess. It finds kindred spirits among those craving a frictionless smart home ambiance, orchestrated by Alexa and Google Assistant. On the flip side, however, it might find itself a fish out of water in the company of those who lean heavily on Siri as their voice assistant, or those who find solace in offline, auxiliary music sources.

So here lies the crux: The Sonos One – a sterling match for some, while others might find it like a square peg in a round hole.

Where To Buy: Sonos One?

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Can Sonos One make voice calls?

As of now, Sonos One does not support voice calls to mobiles and landlines.

Does Sonos One support offline music playing?

No, Sonos One does not support offline auxiliary sources.

Can Sonos One support both Alexa and Google Assistant simultaneously?

No, it can support either one at a time. However, different Sonos One speakers can run different smart assistants.

Is it possible to pair the All-New One speaker together for stereo sound in a single room?

Yes, you can pair two All-New One speakers together to create a stereo sound experience in a single room. This configuration enhances the audio separation and provides a wider soundstage.

9.2 Total Score
Final Verdict:

The Sonos Two Room Set With One is a high-quality sound system that greatly enhances your home environment, making it well worth the investment.

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Sleek, compact design that fits most decor styles.
  • Excellent sound quality that fills entire rooms.
  • Intelligent features like Sonos Voice Control and TruePlay.
  • May be considered expensive for some users.
  • Reliance on the Sonos app for much of the speaker's functionality.
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