Philips Wiz Smart Bulb Review: A Colorful Lighting Solution with Alexa and Google Assistant Integration!

I have been using the Philips Wiz smart bulbs for a few weeks now, and I’m impressed with their performance. The variety of colors available allows me to set the perfect mood for any occasion, whether it’s a cozy movie night or a vibrant party. The setup process was straightforward, and I appreciate the seamless integration with my existing smart home ecosystem. Voice control through Alexa has made managing the lighting effortless, and I enjoy the convenience of adjusting the brightness levels as needed. The only downside I noticed is that some colors may not appear as vivid as I’d hoped, but overall, the Philips Wiz bulbs have transformed my home’s lighting experience.

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In the ever-evolving world of smart home technology, lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing convenience, ambiance, and energy efficiency. One notable contender in the smart lighting arena is the Philips Dimmable Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb. Offering an affordable and hub-free LED solution, this smart bulb caters to users seeking seamless control and customization from the comfort of their smartphones. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the features, specifications, setup process, and overall performance of the Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb, exploring how it stands up to its competitors and why it’s an appealing choice for those looking to create a smart home lighting setup without breaking the bank.

Price and Features: A Compelling Value Proposition

The Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb distinguishes itself from the renowned Hue line by providing an accessible alternative that doesn’t compromise on features. With a starting price of just $9.93, this smart bulb is a cost-effective option for anyone looking to embrace smart home lighting on a budget. The bulb’s connectivity relies on Wi-Fi, ensuring remote app control without the need for an additional hub. Moreover, it boasts impressive integrations with popular smart assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Siri Shortcuts, granting users voice control capabilities for added convenience.

A Closer Look at the Wiz Line

Although the Wiz brand might not be as familiar as Philips’ Hue, it serves as a more affordable counterpart, built on a blend of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. By opting for Wiz, users can enjoy a feature-rich experience without the premium price tag associated with the Hue line. The Soft White A19 LED 60W Equivalent Dimmable Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Connected Wireless Light Bulb, which we’ll focus on in this review, delivers 800 lumens of brightness, offering an ambiance akin to a 60-watt incandescent bulb with a warm 2700K color temperature.

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Long-Lasting Durability and Cost-Effective Packaging

The Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb is designed for indoor use, and its construction ensures it stands the test of time. With an impressive lifespan, lasting up to 20 years, this bulb exemplifies energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. For users seeking to equip multiple light fixtures, the option to purchase a two-pack for $19.85 provides a cost-effective solution.

Despite its budget-friendly price, the Philips Wiz Connected LED does not compromise on features and functionality. While the color quality may not be as vibrant as some premium competitors, it still manages to create a visually appealing atmosphere with a wide range of accurate colors that splash beautifully across your walls. The Wiz app, which accompanies the bulb, proves to be surprisingly well-featured, offering numerous dynamic color settings and customizable presets to enhance your lighting experience.

Simple Setup Process and Intuitive App Control

Setting up the Philips Wiz bulb is a straightforward process that starts with downloading the Wiz app, available on both Android and iOS platforms. After granting the app permission to detect and connect to devices on the Wi-Fi network, users can create a new home, join an existing one, or log in using an established Wiz account. The Wiz ecosystem operates independently of the Philips Hue app, so users with experience in the latter will appreciate the dedicated functionality of the former.

Establishing Connectivity: Smart or Manual Pairing

Upon creating a home and adding a new room, users will connect their bulbs to the app by entering their Wi-Fi password. The setup process offers two pairing options: smart and manual. With the smart pairing option, users can simultaneously configure several lights, while manual pairing is suitable for setting up bulbs individually. In the event of any connectivity hiccups, the app provides alternative approaches to ensure successful pairing, ensuring that users can seamlessly connect their bulbs to the Wiz app.

Intuitive Control with the Wiz App

The Wiz app offers a user-friendly interface designed to facilitate effortless bulb control and customization. Navigating through five primary tabs – Home, Scenes, Rhythms, Schedules, and Settings – users can manage their smart lighting with ease.

Home Tab: Centralized Control

The Home tab serves as the central control hub, showcasing all the rooms and bulbs linked to the Wiz app. With just a tap, users can turn their bulbs on or off, adjust brightness through a dimmer slider, and even enable Night Light mode for a gentle glow during nighttime.

Dynamic Lighting Effects: Elevating Ambiance

The Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb offers dynamic lighting effects, including Candlelight, Pulse, and Steampunk, each bringing a unique ambiance to the environment. Users can control the speed of these effects using a convenient slider, further tailoring the lighting experience to their preference.

Creating Scenes: Personalized Lighting Presets

The Scenes tab allows users to save customized lighting presets for swift and consistent tuning. By adding a Scene, users can store the current status of their lights, making it effortless to replicate their preferred lighting configuration in the future. The inclusion of the option to create custom Siri shortcut phrases for Scenes adds an extra layer of accessibility for iOS users.

Rhythms, Schedules and security: Automated Lighting Adjustments

Emphasizing convenience and practicality, the Rhythms tab empowers users to enable Circadian Rhythm settings, ensuring the best-suited lighting throughout the day based on their wakeup and bedtime routines. Additionally, users can create custom Rhythms that automatically activate designated light modes at specific times. Accommodating up to five light points in a custom Rhythm, this feature caters to users with diverse lighting setups. Furthermore, WiZ ensures security with the provision of a “Guest Code” that limits access to control the lights locally only when connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Integrations: A Smart Home Ecosystem

The Settings tab provides comprehensive control over the smart lighting ecosystem. Users can create new homes, add rooms, and invite others to manage the lights in their home. Furthermore, they can view energy consumption data, access how-to videos, and communicate with customer support for prompt assistance. Enabling and managing integrations with various platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, further enhances the overall smart home experience.

Performance: Emphasizing Convenience and Reliability

Throughout our testing of the Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb, it consistently demonstrated a reliable and convenient smart lighting experience. With intuitive app control and seamless integration with popular smart assistants, users can effortlessly command their lighting using voice commands. However, we did encounter minor Wi-Fi connectivity hiccups during our tests, which led to occasional delays or non-responsiveness of the bulb. Despite this, the convenience, affordability, and rich feature set of the Philips Wiz bulb make it an outstanding choice for users venturing into the realm of smart home lighting.

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Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy-conscious users will appreciate the transparency exhibited by Wiz regarding data practices. The company collects minimal user data, limited to unique product identifiers, diagnostic information, Home ID, and specific user preferences from app usage. Importantly, Wiz does not share user data with third parties for targeted advertising purposes, providing peace of mind to users concerned about their data security.

Philips Wiz Smart Bulb: Who It’s For?

The Philips Wiz smart bulb is ideal for tech-savvy individuals looking to upgrade their home lighting to a smart and colorful solution. It’s perfect for those who enjoy customizing their living spaces and want voice control integration with popular smart home assistants.

If you prioritize high-quality color rendering for photography or artistic purposes, the Philips Wiz smart bulb’s CRI may not meet your expectations.

Similar Products/Alternatives:

While the Philips Wiz Smart Bulb is a top-notch choice, there are other smart bulbs in the market worth considering. One popular alternative is the Philips Hue Smart Bulb, which is known for its reliability and seamless integration with the Philips Hue ecosystem. However, the Wiz Smart Bulb stands out with its budget-friendly price point without compromising on quality and features. Another alternative is the LIFX Smart Bulb, which offers a broad range of colors and brightness levels. Still, the Philips Wiz Smart Bulb offers a competitive edge with its user-friendly app and easy-to-use setup.


This hub-free LED bulb opens doors to a seamless and intuitive smart home lighting experience. While minor Wi-Fi hiccups may occasionally arise, the overall performance and long-lasting durability of the Philips Wiz bulb position it as a strong contender in the realm of affordable smart lighting solutions.

Where To Buy: Philips Wiz Smart Bulbs?

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Final Verdict:

The Philips Wiz LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is a fantastic addition to any smart home setup. Its versatility, ease of use, and voice control capabilities make it a standout choice for smart lighting enthusiasts.

  • Versatile Lighting: The Philips Wiz smart bulb offers millions of colors and shades of white light, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Setting up the bulb is a breeze with the WiZ app, and it connects easily to your Wi-Fi network without the need for an additional hub.
  • Voice Control: Thanks to compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can control the bulb with simple voice commands, adding convenience to your smart home setup.
  • Dimmable: The smart bulb is dimmable, giving you full control over the brightness levels to suit your preferences.
  • Energy-Efficient: With a 60W equivalent output and LED technology, the Philips Wiz smart bulb helps save energy and reduce electricity bills.
  • Long-Lasting: The LED bulbs are designed to last for decades, offering a cost-effective lighting solution.
  • Limited Color Rendering Index (CRI): While the bulb provides a wide range of colors, the CRI of 80 may result in some colors appearing less vibrant.
  • Wi-Fi Dependence: As a Wi-Fi-connected device, the smart bulb relies on a stable internet connection for remote control and automation.
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