Nanoleaf Shapes Review: Elevate Your Gaming and Home Decor with Smart RGBW Wall Lights

As an avid gamer and home decor enthusiast, I decided to invest in the Nanoleaf Shapes to elevate the ambiance of my gaming setup and living space. The colors and animations truly exceeded my expectations, creating an immersive experience while gaming and transforming movie nights. The customization options and smart home integration made it convenient to control the lights according to my preferences. Installation was a breeze, and the overall quality of the product is exceptional.

Marc Anthony

Nanoleaf Shapes is a cutting-edge innovation in the realm of smart home lighting and gaming ambiance. This revolutionary product is designed to cater to gaming enthusiasts, interior design enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to add a touch of mesmerizing illumination to their living spaces. With Nanoleaf Shapes, you can transform your walls into captivating visual masterpieces that respond to your touch and gaming experiences.

Nanoleaf Shapes Review: Nanoleaf Shapes offers a wide spectrum of colors,

Key Features of Nanoleaf Shapes

Vibrant RGBW 16M+ Color LEDs

Nanoleaf Shapes boasts an extensive range of colors, thanks to its RGBW 16M+ Color LED technology. Whether you desire a soothing ambiance or a dynamic burst of color, these smart wall lights have you covered. With seamless color transitions, you can create stunning lighting displays to match your mood or complement your gaming sessions.

Dimmable and Adjustable Brightness

Customize the brightness of your Nanoleaf Shapes to fit any occasion. Whether you need vibrant lighting for a gaming marathon or subtle illumination for a cozy movie night, this smart lighting system allows you to set the perfect ambiance with just a tap on your smartphone.

Interactive Touch Controls

The interactive touch controls on Nanoleaf Shapes enable users to engage with their lighting in a whole new way. By simply tapping the panels, users can change colors, adjust brightness, and even play interactive games using the Nanoleaf app. This level of interactivity brings a playful and immersive experience to both gaming and everyday life.

Integration with Smart Home Ecosystems

Nanoleaf Shapes seamlessly integrates with major smart home ecosystems, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. Users can control their Nanoleaf Shapes with voice commands, making it convenient and effortless to create the desired ambiance or lighting effects.

Nanoleaf Shapes Review: Your Nanoleaf Shapes can sync and groove to the rhythm of your preferred tunes.

Rhythm Music Sync

With the Rhythm Music Sync feature, your Nanoleaf Shapes can dance to the beat of your favorite music. Whether you are hosting a party or simply enjoying some tunes alone, this feature adds an extra layer of excitement and visual flair to your music listening experience.

How Nanoleaf Shapes Benefit Users

Nanoleaf Shapes offers a range of benefits that enhance both gaming setups and interior design aesthetics:

Enhanced Gaming Experience

For gamers, Nanoleaf Shapes provides an unparalleled gaming atmosphere. The dynamic lighting effects can sync with in-game actions, adding a whole new dimension to your gaming sessions. The interactive touch controls also allow gamers to change lighting settings without interrupting gameplay, creating an immersive and seamless experience.

Personalized Home Decor

Interior design enthusiasts can rejoice in the versatility of Nanoleaf Shapes. These smart wall lights are not just for gaming; they serve as an art installation on your walls. Users can arrange the hexagonal panels in various patterns to create unique designs that reflect their personal style and preferences.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

The soothing and customizable lighting options offered by Nanoleaf Shapes can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Dim the lights to unwind after a long day or select calming colors to create a tranquil atmosphere that aids in relaxation and meditation.

Energy Efficiency and Longevity

Nanoleaf Shapes utilize energy-efficient LED technology, ensuring that your electricity bills remain manageable. Moreover, LED lights have an extended lifespan, providing users with long-lasting and durable lighting solutions.

Setting Nanoleaf Shapes Apart from Others

Nanoleaf Shapes stands out in the market due to its unique combination of features:

Modular Design for Creativity

Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, Nanoleaf Shapes offers a modular design, allowing users to arrange the hexagonal panels in any pattern they desire. This level of customization empowers users to showcase their creativity and transform their walls into interactive and captivating works of art.

Touch-Enabled Interactivity

Nanoleaf Shapes’ interactive touch controls set it apart from other smart lighting systems. Users can easily change colors, brightness, and even play interactive games with the panels, creating a more engaging and interactive lighting experience.

Advanced Integration with Smart Home Systems

Nanoleaf Shapes boasts extensive compatibility with major smart home ecosystems, providing users with seamless integration into their existing smart home setups. This level of connectivity and control sets it apart from many other smart lighting options in the market.

Nanoleaf Shapes Review: Nanoleaf Shapes excels in offering broad compatibility with leading smart home platforms.

Nanoleaf Shapes: Who It’s For?

The Nanoleaf Shapes are perfect for individuals who love to personalize their living spaces and add an artistic touch to their homes. Gamers, creative minds, and tech enthusiasts will appreciate the mesmerizing color effects and music sync feature. Those on a tight budget or looking for basic lighting solutions might find the Nanoleaf Shapes a bit too pricey for their needs.

Similar Products and Alternatives

While Nanoleaf Shapes offers a unique experience, there are some similar products and alternatives worth considering:

Philips Hue Smart Lights

The Philips Hue Smart Lights are a popular alternative to Nanoleaf Shapes. They offer a wide range of smart lighting solutions, including bulbs and light strips, and are well-known for their reliable performance and compatibility with various smart home platforms. However, the modular and touch-enabled aspects of Nanoleaf Shapes make it a distinctive choice for creative individuals.


The LIFX Tile is another smart lighting product that competes with Nanoleaf Shapes. Similar to Nanoleaf, LIFX Tile offers modular panels that can be arranged to create unique lighting designs. It also features vibrant colors and compatibility with major smart home ecosystems. However, Nanoleaf Shapes’ touch-enabled controls and the ability to integrate with Thread technology set it apart as a more interactive and versatile option.

Comparison with Competing Products

FeaturesNanoleaf ShapesPhilips Hue Smart LightsLIFX Tile
Color OptionsRGBW 16M+ ColorsRGB 16M ColorsRGB 16M Colors
Dimmable and Adjustable BrightnessYesYesYes
Interactive Touch ControlsYesNoNo
Integration with Smart Home EcosystemsYesYesYes
Rhythm Music SyncYesYesYes
Modular DesignYesNoYes
Thread Technology IntegrationYesNoNo


Nanoleaf Shapes WiFi and Thread Smart RGBW 16M+ Color LED Dimmable Gaming and Home Decor Wall Lights Smarter Kits Hexagons Smarter Kit, redefine how we interact with lighting in our homes and gaming spaces. With an array of vibrant colors, touch-enabled controls, and seamless integration with smart home ecosystems, Nanoleaf Shapes elevate the gaming experience and allow for personalized, creative home decor. As a distinctive choice with unparalleled modularity and interactivity, Nanoleaf Shapes outshines many other smart lighting alternatives in the market.

Where To Buy: Nanoleaf Shapes?

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Can Nanoleaf Shapes be controlled without a smartphone?

Yes, Nanoleaf Shapes can be controlled without a smartphone. The interactive touch controls on the panels allow you to change colors, adjust brightness, and even play interactive games directly on the panels.

Can I sync Nanoleaf Shapes with my gaming setup?

Absolutely! Nanoleaf Shapes’ Rhythm Music Sync feature allows you to synchronize the lighting with the audio output of your gaming setup, creating a mesmerizing and immersive gaming experience.

Is it difficult to install Nanoleaf Shapes on the wall?

Not at all. Nanoleaf Shapes come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, making it a hassle-free process to mount them on your wall. The modular design allows you to rearrange and reposition the panels as needed.

Are Nanoleaf lights waterproof?

No, Nanoleaf Shapes are not waterproof and should be used indoors only.

How many panels can the included 42W Power Supply support?

The 42W Power Supply can handle up to 22 panels. If you plan to add more, you’ll need to purchase additional power sources.

9 Total Score
Final Verdict:

If you're seeking a unique and captivating way to enhance your home decor and gaming setup, the Nanoleaf Shapes are a fantastic choice. Despite the higher price point, the endless customization possibilities, music sync feature

  • Mesmerizing Ambience: Nanoleaf Shapes offer a stunning range of 16M+ RGBW colors, allowing you to create captivating color-changing scenes that set the perfect mood.
  • Customizable: Mix and match various shapes (Hexagons, Triangles, Mini Triangles) to design unique layouts, enhancing the aesthetic of any room.
  • Music Sync: Experience your favorite music like never before with lights that dance in sync with the beat, making parties and movie nights more immersive.
  • Smart Home Integration: Control the lights through the Nanoleaf App or integrate them with smart home assistants for hands-free operation.
  • Easy Installation: The simple adhesive setup allows easy mounting on any flat surface without the need for drilling.
  • Versatility: Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, gaming setups, and even offices to add a touch of creativity and sophistication.
  • Free Amazon Tech Support: Enjoy free tech support for up to 90 days to troubleshoot any issues with the product.
  • Pricey: The Nanoleaf Shapes can be a bit expensive, especially if you plan to expand your setup with additional panels.
  • Connectivity Glitches: Some users might experience occasional connectivity issues with the app, which may require resetting or reconfiguring.
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