SimpliSafe Indoor Camera Review 2023: Elevating Home Security with Live Guard Protection

I recently purchased the SimpliSafe indoor Camera for my home security system, and overall, it has been a great addition. The initial setup was a bit finicky, as I had trouble getting the QR code to scan appropriately. However, after some troubleshooting, I found a helpful tip to take a picture of the QR code with my phone and enlarge it while adjusting the screen brightness. This workaround did the trick, and the camera connected successfully. After using it for a while I think that the camera’s field of view could be wider to cover larger areas effectively

Sarah Patel (United States)

As we navigate through the swiftly changing landscape of our existence, the necessity to fortify our dwellings has escalated to heights never seen before. Yet, the deluge of alternatives in the marketplace can render the task of selection quite daunting. A notable player in this field is SimpliSafe’s Wired Indoor Camera, formerly known as SimpliCam. This all-encompassing critique of this cost-effective DIY security apparatus will probe into its features, cost structure, compatibility with home automation, setup methodology, and overall efficacy. As you reach the culmination of this discourse, you’ll possess the insight to ascertain whether the SimpliSafe Wired Indoor Camera is the quintessential answer to your security quandaries.

The Stylish and Discreet Design

The SimpliCam boasts a sleek, contemporary black appearance that complements any interior design. Its design is both visually attractive and deliberately functionally developed. In order to improve your user experience and offer security, features including the integrated microphone, high-power infrared LED cut filter, and privacy shutter were all developed.

SimpliSafe Indoor Camera  features a modern, black design that effortlessly enhances any interior aesthetic.

Installation: Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up the Wired Indoor Camera is a breeze and should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Simply follow the step-by-step walk-through instructions provided by the SimpliSafe mobile app. You’ll need to plug in the camera, link it to your Wi-Fi network, and connect it to your SimpliSafe system (if you have one). With user-friendly guidance, you’ll have the camera up and running in no time.

Performance You Can Rely On

With the SimpliSafe app, available for both Android and iPhone, you can enjoy 24/7 HD video monitoring with intruder and motion alerts sent directly to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The camera’s 120-degree field of vision ensures a wide, clear view with minimal distortion. The motion detection algorithms are calibrated to detect human heat signatures, minimizing false alerts caused by non-human movements.

Smart Detection: Your First Line of Defense

The heart of the Smart Alarm Camera lies in its intelligent detection capabilities. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and advanced motion detection algorithms, this camera is primed to distinguish routine activity from potentially suspicious behavior. Gone are the days of receiving false alarms triggered by innocent movements such as pets roaming around the house. Instead, the Smart Alarm Camera’s smart detection technology will only activate its built-in siren when it detects genuine threats, giving homeowners the assurance that they will be promptly alerted in the event of a possible intrusion.

Video Verification and Live Guard Protection

Adding an extra layer of protection, the Smart Alarm Camera offers video verification through a monitoring agent. When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring agent can swiftly assess the situation and escalate it to emergency services if needed. But that’s not all; SimpliSafe takes it a step further with their new feature: 24/7 live guard protection. This groundbreaking innovation allows the monitoring agent to directly interact with potential intruders using two-way audio, thwarting their efforts and potentially preventing crimes from escalating.

Privacy Shutter: Protecting Your Personal Space

Recognizing the importance of privacy in our interconnected world, SimpliSafe has incorporated a privacy shutter feature into the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera. This small yet ingenious solution allows users to physically slide a piece of plastic over the camera’s lens, effectively turning it off when not needed. An audible click accompanies the opening of the shutter, indicating if someone reactivates the camera. This clever visual and noise cue system provides users with the reassurance of knowing when the camera is actively recording. This level of privacy control ensures that monitoring personnel outside your home can only access the camera feed when necessary, bolstering overall confidence in the system.

SimpliSafe Home Security App: Your Command Center

The SimpliSafe Home Security app proved to be an essential tool in our SimpliCam experience. Offering seamless access to the camera’s live feed, cloud recordings, and notifications, the app provided a holistic view of our security. Whether on iOS or Android, the app’s clean interface and real-time responsiveness impressed us, making it a valuable addition to our security arsenal.

The SimpliSafe Home Security app emerged as a key component in enhancing our SimpliCam experience.

Home Automation: Limited Integrations

While the SimpliSafe security system has some smart home integrations, the Wired Indoor Camera falls short in this aspect. It directly works with your SimpliSafe security system, and you can access the camera feed through the SimpliSafe mobile app. However, the camera does not integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant, or other smart speakers or devices. If extensive home automation integration is a priority for you, other options like Arlo or Eufy cameras might be more suitable.

Integration with SimpliSafe System: Unlocking Additional Functionality

While the SimpliCam boasts a solid set of standalone features, its true potential shines when integrated with the SimpliSafe system. The integration offers a range of additional functionalities, making it an even more compelling choice for those who already have or plan to invest in a SimpliSafe security system. Let’s explore these benefits:

  1. Triggers for Recording: Integrating SimpliCam with the SimpliSafe system enables the camera to record whenever the security system is armed, disarmed, or when the alarm is triggered. This seamless collaboration enhances your overall security experience.
  2. Mobile App Streamlining: The SimpliSafe Home Security app streamlines the process of verifying alarm events by providing quick access to the camera’s live feed. This allows you to promptly investigate and take necessary actions in response to notifications.
  3. Video Verification: An exclusive feature for Interactive Plan users, video verification allows SimpliSafe’s monitoring center to access camera recordings temporarily. This added layer of verification helps authorities respond swiftly and accurately during emergencies.

Video Storage: Cloud Subscriptions Tailored to Your Needs

Given that SimpliCam doesn’t have local storage, cloud subscriptions become the primary option for storing your valuable recordings. SimpliSafe offers two distinct cloud storage options:

  1. Cloud Subscription Only: This subscription caters to those using SimpliCam as a standalone camera. For a nominal fee, you can enjoy 30 days of cloud storage for one camera or up to 10 cameras.
  2. Interactive Plan: Designed for SimpliSafe system users, the Interactive Plan includes cloud storage for up to 10 SimpliCams, along with an array of additional benefits such as professional monitoring, remote access, smartphone notifications, and video verification.

Subscription Plans for Enhanced Monitoring

You have the choice to join up for different subscription options in order to take full use of the SimpliCam’s recording capabilities and benefit from improved monitoring. You may select the plan that best meets your demands and budget from among these options since their features and costs differ. You may pick the ideal plan for your needs, ranging from simple recording plans to thorough professional monitoring with camera recording and police response.

Subscription PlanMonthly PriceFeatures
Standard Monitoring$19.99Basic professional monitoring without camera recordings or advanced features
Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings$9.99Unlimited camera recording and evidence capture, with ability to download video recordings from the app to your phone
Fast Protect$29.99Unlimited cloud storage for camera recordings and professional monitoring
Interactive Plan$27.99Professional monitoring, cellular backup, remote control, notifications, cloud storage, and other features
Free PlanFreeNo video storage or professional monitoring, but includes live video feed of your cameras from the SimpliSafe App and remote arm/disarm

Our Verdict:

The SimpliSafe Indoor Camera (1080p) provides dependable monitoring and necessary features for home security at an attractive value. The majority of users will find it to be a good option because to its high-quality video resolution, night vision capabilities, and intelligent motion detection, despite the fact that it may have a smaller field of view than its rivals.

SimpliSafe Indoor Camera: Who It’s For?

Users seeking an affordable and reliable indoor security camera will find the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera ideal. It suits individuals looking for hassle-free installation and a user-friendly app to monitor their homes remotely.

Those who require advanced audio features or prefer standalone security cameras without the need for a subscription might want to explore other options.

Alternatives options:

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Do I need a monitoring plan to use the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera?

While you can use the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera without a monitoring plan, this will restrict video recording capabilities. To access video recordings, you’ll need to subscribe to either SimpliSafe’s Self-Monitoring or Fast Protect plans. For the full benefits of 24/7 live guard protection, the Fast Protect professional monitoring plan is required.

What is the field of view of the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera?

The camera has a 120° field of view, which provides coverage for a decent-sized area but may not be suitable for larger spaces.

Does the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera have night vision capability?

Yes, the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera comes with night vision, ensuring visibility even in low-light or dark conditions. This feature allows you to monitor your home around the clock, providing enhanced security.

Can the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera be used outdoors as well?

No, the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera is specifically designed for indoor use and is not recommended for outdoor installation. If you need outdoor surveillance, SimpliSafe offers other cameras designed for that purpose.

Does the SimpliCam have smart detection features like person detection or facial recognition?

Unfortunately, the SimpliCam lacks advanced smart detection features like person detection and facial recognition. This may be a drawback for those seeking more sophisticated security capabilities.

Does the SimpliCam come with a privacy shutter?

Yes, the SimpliCam is equipped with a privacy shutter that physically covers the camera’s lens, ensuring privacy when needed.

8.2 Total Score
Final Verdict:

If you prioritize crystal clear HD video surveillance, intelligent detection, and seamless setup, the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera is a fantastic addition to your home security system

  • Crystal clear HD video and flawless streaming
  • Intelligent detection with human heat signature alerts
  • Easy setup and compatibility with SimpliSafe Gen 3 system
  • Free access to the SimpliSafe app for remote monitoring
  • Reliable and trustworthy brand
  • Audio quality could be improved
  • Limited compatibility with certain international electrical systems
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